4 of the Most Common Tenant Improvements That Are Electrical Related

Most Common Tenant Improvements That Are Electrical RelatedThe process of tenant improvement involves any renovations or changes made to the property to accommodate tenants and improve the quality of their living or working space. As a property owner or landlord, you have several responsibilities to your tenants. Electrical tenant improvements are one of those responsibilities that you simply cannot ignore. You are probably aware that older wiring and electrical systems are prone to issues and can be potentially dangerous, even if you have yet to be notified of a problem. So, you must pay attention to these electrical related problems to ensure your tenants’ safety and build lasting relationship with them.

Following are 4 of the most common tenant improvements that are electrical related:

1. Rewiring

Outdated, old wiring is much worse than most other electrical problems. If the wiring in your rental space is old, outdated, or worn, it puts your tenants at risk of an electrical fire. This is because old wiring is prone to overheating when overloaded. Apart from this, since wiring is located between the walls and insulation, any damage to it can lead to a fire in case of a contact with the insulation. Because of these reasons, rewiring is considered as one of the most important electrical related tenant improvements.

2. Replacing Interior and Exterior Lighting

Brand new lighting for the interior and exterior of the property can definitely improve the tenant’s satisfaction with your property. There are several reasons for considering new interior lighting, e.g. matching the interior and design of the room with appropriate lighting after a repaint, enhancing the brightness of the rooms, and more. As for exterior lighting, this can be to brighten up the property for better appearance as well as to improve security.

3. Installing New Electrical Panels

And old, outdated electrical panel can contain damaged wiring which leaves your building and your tenants unprotected from fire hazards. Worn electrical panels can also lead to electric shock. As a landlord, ensuring your tenants’ safety should be your top priority. So, instead of leaving your building at risk, you should upgrade the electrical panels in your building. Upgrading the panels is one of the most common electrical related tenant improvements which ensures that the electricity is being used safely and efficiently.

4. Installing/Replacing Surge Protectors

Installing or replacing surge protectors in the building is another common electrical related tenant improvement. Power surges are common in many areas and they can be very annoying as they can easily destroy sensitive electronics. Installing new surge protectors in your rental space ensures that the devices and appliances of your tenants remain safe in case of a power surge.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of ways landlords can improve the electrical systems in their rental spaces and improve property conditions for their tenants. Electrical needs vary from one tenant to another and it is the responsibility of the landlord to cater to those needs. In order to ensure that you fulfill your electrical related tenant improvement obligations, you will need to rely on an experienced electrical contractor. By hiring a reputable contractor, you can make sure that the job is performed correctly and to code.

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