4 Signs that an Electrical Contractor Should Not be Trusted

Signs that an Electrical Contractor Should Not be TrustedThe last thing you ever want is to hire an unreliable electrical contractor. While most electrical contractors are honest and reliable, there are a few bad eggs out there that you want to avoid at all costs. After all, electrical work comes with various health and safety hazards, so the last thing you want is for the work to be in the hands of someone you cannot trust.

To help you avoid a rogue electric contractor, be sure to keep an eye out for these telling signs that they should not be trusted:

1. Pressuring You into Accepting a Cut-Price Service

An electrical contractor that offers you services for very low prices should be a warning sign alone, and when they start pressuring you into accepting this deal then they certainly can’t be trusted. It’s a common sales tactic by unreliable contractors, essentially coercing customers into taking their low-priced quote because it’s only available there and then.

This is the last thing a reliable electrical contractor will do. You should be given a clear quote and time to think about it, with most contractors understanding that people need to browse a few options to find the best deal.

2. Asking for Upfront Payment

Whether it’s the full payment or a massive deposit, if an electrical contractor asks for a lot of money upfront you may want to reconsider hiring them. A deposit may be required but this should never amount to more than half of the total cost, otherwise there’s a chance they plan on taking the money without doing any work.

3. They Offer Vague Quote

While there is some degree of estimate when giving a quote for electrical work, you should take note if you get a quote that lacks information. A detailed quote is a sure sign of a reliable contractor, so look out for a breakdown of fees including labor and materials, and possibly a timeframe for completion and guarantee of work.

All this info indicates they are operating above board and you have nothing to worry about. If you don’t see any of this in a quote, or they are avoiding giving you one in the first place, stay well clear as it’s usually a sign they plan on adding various fees and charges to jack up the price.

4. No Certification

Electrical contractors require various types of certification to complete to show that they have the necessary training to complete the work to current safety regulations, so if you find any of this is missing or hard to come by then make sure you don’t hire them.

Even if they have necessary certification, ask if they have membership to any trade association or have accreditation with a professional organization, as this indicates they have extensive training and are held to high standards of work and codes of conduct.

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