What Are The Roles Of Electrical And General Contractors


Whether it’s a new property that needs a proper plan and setup or an old one that needs to be updated and repaired, Rather than calling separate agencies for different jobs like plumbing, electric installations, and more, consider calling a general contractor.

No matter how minor or major the work is, an electrical and general contractor will provide the best possible service. From designing and installation to maintenance, electrical contractors will go through every aspect of your electrical needs and provide your commercial building or property with precisely what it needs. While reading this blog, you will learn their roles so that you can hire the right one.


One of the most important roles of general contractors is planning. It’s the initial step towards starting with the installation and other processes. Though the contractor’s access is at the performance stage, the daily planning and managing jobs, like resource planning, operating schedule and cost baselines, etc. Handling the resource necessities and process of the project, along with activities like keeping inventories, booking progress updates, payment of vendors and subcontractors, and testing and inspection schedules, also fall under the contractor’s range. This means the burden is less on you!

Electrical And General Contractors

Quality and Budget

They are pretty much responsible for the quality and budget of the project. As clients, your job is to lay down your needs and budget and then leave it up to the contractors. At all times in the project, the general contractor should maintain the necessary quality of the project within the limits of duration and funding set by the client. The contractor should minimize time or expense overruns and provide the optimized value in the given cost.


Safety is the biggest concern for both the site workers and the clients. The contractor must secure the job site workers’ health and safety and prevent accidents.

The contractor must acquire the necessary licenses and permits from the regulatory authorities before the start of the project. Also, the contractor must ensure that no legal rights are challenged, and the processes follow the building codes. It is exceptionally essential to install safety systems. An electric contractor’s job is to elevate security and lower the chances of possible damages that could invite dangerous and fatal situations like fires, electrical shocks, and more.


All in all, the above-mentioned are the most important roles of an electric and general contractor, make sure to contact one that keeps these in mind; you can connect with O’Donnell Electric if you are searching for electrical contractors in San Bernardino.

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