5 Electrical Improvements You Should Make in Your Commercial Building

5 Electrical Improvements You Should Make in Your Commercial BuildingThe electrical system of your commercial building is not built to last forever, and the older your appliances and wiring get, the more safety hazards and repairs you have to worry about. If you are thinking of making upgrades to your commercial building, then it is highly recommended that you start with your electrical system. Following are 5 electrical improvements you should make in your commercial building:

1. New Wiring

Outdated wiring is much worse than making the occasional trip to the circuit breaker or fumbling with an outlet. If your commercial building’s wiring is old, it puts you and your employees at risk of an electrical fire. Outdated, old wiring is prone to overheating when overloaded. Furthermore, the wiring is located between your insulation and walls, and any exposed or damaged wiring can result in starting a fire when in contact with the insulation. Therefore, upgrading outdated wiring is crucial.

2. New Electrical Panels

A worn, old electrical panel can contain damaged wiring, which leaves your commercial building unprotected from fire hazards and at a damaged power point, it can even cause an electric shock. So, rather than leaving your building at risk and bearing the inconvenience of worn electrical panels, it is recommended that you get electrical panels in your commercial building upgraded. Upgrading the panels is the best way to make sure that the electricity is being used efficiently and safely.

3. Dedicated Circuits

If your business includes computerized cash registers or any kind of computer usage, your power and data usage is only going to increase as your business grows. With dedicated data circuits, you can make sure that generalized power surges don’t damage your valuable electronic equipment. By separating the areas of your business, including those with high data usage, into a line of dedicated circuits is the best way to make sure that your commercial building has stable power quality at all times.

4. New Surge Protectors

Upgrading your commercial building’s surge protection is always a good idea, regardless of whether your building already has surge protectors or it needs them. Power surges are a common issue in many areas, but some of them can wind up destroying your sensitive electronics. Upgrading your commercial building’s surge protection makes sure that such devices won’t be fried due to a power surge.

5. Code Compliance

Just like local governments, building regulations change from time to time and it is difficult to ensure that your commercial building is up to the code all the time. If you are thinking about making improvements to your commercial building, then it is the ideal time to ensure code compliance. Replace or repair any old, outdated wiring, electrical panels, circuits, etc. that may not be compliant. This improvement project may seem a bit costly, but it can end up being much cheaper as compared to the fines the city or state can levy on you.

Final Thoughts

Electrical improvements can make a huge difference for your business. However, they are not a small step to take. Whether you are dealing with signs that your commercial building’s electrical setup is becoming dated or you think that the appliances of your business need an upgrade, it is important to get in touch with an experienced electrical contractor to discuss your options.

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